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The Persian is an usual looking cat. They have a round head with large round eyes which can be blue, copper, green, hazel, or one of each. If you look at this cat in profile (side on), you will see the face is flat and the nose points upwards so you see the fleshy part of the nose. They have short but stocky body and thick legs with a thick neck which is also short, rather than the top as in other breeds. The average weight for a male Persian is 12lbs, whereas the female ranges from 8-12lbs. The Persian tail is short and they have relatively small ears for such a “large” cat. The coat on a Persian is thick, full and long, but each individual hair is fine, so they should look and feel lustrous and glossy.

Persians come in a number of colour variations but the most popular are solid colour, shaded and smoke, tabby and, tri and bi-colour. Calico is a unique tri-colour pattern. If the calico is mostly white this is known as a non-diluted calico with distinct patches of orange (or red) and black. In some cases, the black colour will be chocolate and if your cat has this colouring they are quite rare.

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