The Persian Cat

Persian Cats - Persian Cat pictures - Persian Cats information - Persian Cats BookWith their long, lush fur, their gentle character and their origins in the fabled caravan cities of Central Asia, Persians are amongst the most appealing of all cats – and this book is the essential guide to everything you could ever need to know about their health, behaviour, well being and more.

Written by experienced vet and cat expert Gordon Roberts, you’ll learn about the history and character of the species, and get vital insights into all the challenges a cat-owner might face. With chapters dedicated to each of the common diseases that affect Persians, and clear-eyed professional insights into the issues of neutering and vaccination, the book cuts through old wives’ tales and tells you everything you need to know about feline health.

Delivered in a sharp and engaging style, this is both a practical guide to Persian health and behaviour, and an endlessly fascinating read for any cat-lover. You’ll learn how to spot the early warning signs of impending health problems, how best to train your cat, and how to tackle dental care – always a challenge with flat-faced Persians. But you’ll also get plenty of intriguing insights – not least a fascinating account of just why cats always land on their feet.

Based on professional veterinary knowledge and years of experience working with cats, delivered in eminently readable style, and crammed with practical tips and intriguing insights, this book is the unrivaled guide to caring for your Persian.

Topics covered include:
  • History
  • Common diseases
  • Grooming
  • Behaviour
  • Health and Happiness

Here’s what our happy customers are saying:

The author is an expert!! (add 5 gold stars *****)

I have read many of the authors books and this is another good one from the authors collection. I am particularly interested in cats (and dogs) and have read many of the books written by the author. The books takes you through the Persian cat’s history, its habits, its dietary needs and how to look after it. In fact, the book is a complete package for cat owners. I also recommend looking at the authors other titles along with this one especially those who are thinking of owning a cat or someone who already has one. The funny thing is that although it has its origins in Persian, these cats are most popular in the USA.

–  Anton Neves

Excellent book about Persian cats (add 5 gold stars *****)

I am thinking about adding a cat to our household this year and decided to do some research on a couple different breeds. I chose this book as the author is a veterinarian.

I was more than impressed with the amount of information about Persians. I learned more things that I had never heard before in just the first few pages. That information alone was well worth the little bit that the book cost. While a good portion of the information in this book pertains to Persians, there is also a lot of good information about cats in general and caring for cats. This book is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who has a Persian cat or is thinking about getting one.

– Beverly Clark

This fantastic book is only £1.92 – so do not delay ensure you order your copy today!

Persian Cats - Persian Cat pictures - Persian Cats information - Persian Cats Book